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Posted on Aug 20, 2014

The Open Technology Institute formulates policy and regulatory reforms to support open architectures and open source innovations and facilitates the development and implementation of open technologies and communications networks. OTI promotes affordable, universal, and ubiquitous communications networks through partnerships with
communities, researchers, industry, and public interest groups and is committed to maximizing the potentials of innovative open technologies by studying their social and economic impacts – particularly for poor, rural, and other underserved constituencies. OTI provides in-depth, objective research, analysis, and findings for policy decision-makers and the general public.

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UNM looks to turn NM high school students into hackers

Posted on Aug 20, 2014

UNM looks to turn NM high school students into hackers

Summer course looks to prep students for a degree in computer science, job in cyber security
August 7, 2014

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —The University of New Mexico is testing out a new camp this summer, teaching teens to be computer hackers — the hope is they’ll become the good guys.”

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UNM Newsroom Article
Hacking for a Good Cause
High schoolers learn the skills of the bad guys to fight cybercrime
By Kim Delker — 

The name “hacker” usually has a negative connotation, as in someone who uses high-tech skills to steal a person’s or company’s private electronic information.

But a “white hat hacker” is just the opposite. It’s someone who is just as crafty, but uses that knowledge for a good cause, namely to fight cybercriminals by outsmarting them and staying one step ahead of them to prevent a crime from occurring. Other white hat hackers help protect journalists and dissidents from oppressive governments overseas.

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