Master's Degree

Masters StudentsThe Department of Computer Science of the University of New Mexico has offered the Master of Science in Computer Science degree since 1973. The purpose of the master’s degree program is to prepare students to work as professionals in the computer science field.

The Master of Science in computer science has two tracks, each having a separate set of requirements. Both tracks are offered under Plan I (thesis option) and Plan II (course work only option).

This section describes the computer science requirements for gradation. The Office of Graduate Studies also has requirements which must be met. Please consult the OGS website for details.

For further information, application materials, or advisement, contact the CS main office at, who will give you the appropriate information or put you in touch with a Graduate Advisor.

Master of Science program

The three outcomes for the M.S. program are:

  1. CS Fundamentals: Exhibit knowledge of engineering and science fundamentals appropriate for the discipline and/or specialization.
  2. Communication: Be able to communicate effectively.
  3. Critical Assessment: Demonstrate the ability to critically assess information in the discipline and/or specialization.

Master's curriculum (PDF)

Academic prerequisites

Core requirements

Graduation requirements


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